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Encouraging First Responders



Trevor Nelson

Trevor Nelson is a retired battalion chief with the Jacksonville Fire Department and FCFInternational member.


chiefs ride Spiritual Zoning and Decon For all of us in the fire service, especially those of the HazMat persuasion, we are all familiar with the auspices of Zoning and Decon.  When faced with a material known to be hazardous, we are tasked with the responsibility of setting up zoning


Andrew Starnes

Andrew Starnes is a battalion chief with the Charlotte, North Carolina Fire Department and FCFInternational member.


a starnes


Cultural Conversations
break free pic Breaking Free So many people today are struggling. Anxiety and depression rank among the most common behavioral health disorders in the United States. Anxiety by definition means to strangle or choke ....
employee Firefighter or Employee? Have you ever witnessed a firefighter who is superb on the fire ground but completely incapable of getting along with others at the fire house?
This is a bigger problem than we realize. What is it that they are missing? 
haz mat rule The Haz Mat Rule of Relationships In the fire service, we are taught when dealing with hazardous materials incidents that we are to:
Recognize, Notify, Identify, & Protect:
In our personal lives, we will ultimately find that our environments are often hazardous to our health. 
the fire ground commander The Ultimate Fire Ground Commander
"When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. 
When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! 
When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up-the flames will not consume you." (Isaiah 43:2)
Who is able to...
waging war within Waging War Within Inside this mind, a constant battle goes on... A fight between that I constantly lose even though it has already been won...
A fight between the flesh, doubt, and despair... A place of obscene regret, tears and anguish, and inward anger... 
saving others Saving Others and Destroying Ourselves Communication is important to safety on the fireground. See what the Bible has to say on this topic as Andrew Starnes walks us through this important subject.
leadership exemplified Leadership Exemplified It never fails, leaders will be attacked. See what the Bible has to say about this important subject and how Christian firefighters and first responders can be better leaders.
everyone goes home Everyone Goes Home What are your priorities and core values? Learn what the Bible has to say about encouraging one another and growing in your faith.
feeling unappreciated Feeling Unappreciated In today's fire service it is easy to feel unappreciated. Learn how to overcome this negative feeling and thrive in your relationship with Christ.


Craig Duck

Craig Duck is the President/Missionart for FCFInternational and a member of the Boydton Volunteer Fire Department. Craig has over 35 years of experience in the fire service both career and volunteer. A retired lieutenant with the Washington, DC Fire Department Craig has a passion for studying the Bible and encouraging others to grow in their faith.

shelter in place Life's Little Detours I went for a bicycle ride the other day; I love every opportunity God gives me to get out and ride.  It is so essential for first responders to stay healthy. I came across a little detour ....

dc fire

Be an Inviter Are you an inviter? See what the Bible has to say about this subject and how you can up your game.
Changing Tactics Think back on all the emergencies you have responded to over the years. Have you ever had to switch tactics? Let's recap, strategy is the overarching plan of action that is developed to mitigate an emergency and return the area back to a sense of normalcy
christmas lights Christmas Letter God has blessed our ministery in a mighty way in 2018. Read what God has done and how you may help.

Biblical Illiteracy Our world is spinning out of control. One only has to watch the nightly news to see what I am talking about. Firefighters and first responders are regularly responding to emergencies that prove this point. People are dying every day...
Three Goals Every Leader Should Strive For The success of any organization or ministry depends upon its leaders. Remember, leadership is the ability to get others to follow. If you have been in the fire service for any length of time...


Thirteen Reasons Why by Daryl Clements

Thirteen Reasons WhyBy Daryl Clements, M.Div., NRPI work at a large firehouse where 15 of us are on duty each shift. We have been working so much overtime; it seems we rarely sleep in our normal rooms. As I turned on the TV in a room the other day, I realized there was no cable; I guess they use a stick to watch movies. As I began the process.... Read More



Billy Graham and the Fireman by Rick Barton FCFInternational member and wildland firefighter

On February 21, 2018 my close friend Billy Graham was "promoted to glory"!  Ok, I only met Mr. Graham briefly a few times, but he was the type of man you felt was a "close friend" even if you never met him.  After all, he was considered "America's Pastor" by Christians and non-Christians alike.  

Billy Graham never served as a fireman....

Read More


Mountain Story Showing Ownership - by Africa Fire Mission

There once was a village located on top of a steep mountain. On a regular basis, as people were coming down the mountain, they would slip off the trail and fall to the valley below. Many people were injured and some even killed.
A short-term team came to their village, saw this problem and wanted to do something about it. They thought about what they could do and .... Read More





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