Daily Devotions for First Responders by First Responders


FCFInternational provides short Bible devotionals that challenge the mind with tried and tested Biblical principles while making them relative to first responders. These devotionals help us to learn more about God through stories first responders can relate to.

If you would like to post a devotional please contact the International Office. We would love to share them with other first responders.  

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Devotions by Craig Duck - Craig is the PresidentMissionary of FCFInternational with over 35 years of experience in the fire service. Craig has served in both paid and volunteer fire departments and his experience has been in some of the busiest companies in America. These devotions use Craig's experience in the fire service and ties that in with Biblical principles.


Today Loyalty
Yesterday Staging
Nov 6 Pick Up Some Hose
Nov 5 Knowing Better
Nov 4 Blood
Nov 3 Do Work
Nov 2 Stringers
Nov 1 Having Faith
Oct 31 Identifying a Below Grade Fire
Oct 30 Teaching Hydraulics
Oct 29 Looking for God
Oct 28 Command Vests
Oct 27 Planning For Retirement
Oct 26 Restocking



Nov 09 Manifold
Nov 10 Push In
Nov 11 Siamese
Nov 12 Story Time
Nov 13 The Overcomers
Nov 14 Vapors
Nov 15 While Others Were Sleeping
Nov 16 Working Out

Devotions by Wayne Detzler - Wayne Detzler is an International Board member of FCFInternational and a former chaplain with the Charlottte Fire Department. Wayne currently serves as an ambassoder to the Northeast region of the United States.


Harvest Time
Coffee and the Word
Blaze of Glory
Keep Growing
A Lasting Foundation
God Gives the Increase
Are You a Peace Maker
God is Greater
Mighty Works
Sweeter Than Honey
Ringing in My Ears


Devotions by Keith Helms - Keith is a retired battalion chief from the Charlotte Fire Department and International Board member.


Guarding Your Heart
Free Stuff
Examine Your Heart
New Officer
Blame Game





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